The AeroPress Go is thoughtfully engineered to provide all the delicious brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress plus a convenient drinking mug that doubles as a carrying case. Like the original AeroPress, the AeroPress Go brews remarkably delicious filter, espresso, and cold brew style coffee. The AeroPress Go is optimised for traveling, camping, or just going to work by making it convenient and easy to take your AeroPress with you. Its smart design ensures that you will never be without delicious AeroPress brewed coffee wherever you go.









The AeroPress Go is compact, lightweight and durable, making it perfect for those that love Bliss coffee when they're on the move. 

The unique brewing method of AeroPress ensures a rich coffee flavour without bitterness and reduced acidity. 

Coffee is brewed with full immersion and then pushed through a paper (or metal) filter to create smooth, flavourful coffee without grit.

The process takes just two minutes!

The device caters to numerous brewing methods allowing you to create filter coffee, espresso style coffee or cold brew!

AeroPress Go Features 

  • 1 x AeroPress Espresso Coffee Maker
  • 1 x Mug
  • 1 x Silicone Cap
  • 1 x filter paper set (350 filters)
  • 1 x Funnel
  • 1 x Scoop
  • 1 x A Stirrer
  • 1 x Filter Holder

Bliss Reccomends 

Portable Hand Grinder (Available here) for maximum freshness and flavour 

Able Level Pour Kettle (Available here) for precision pouring  

The Film-maker (Available here) - our most popular blend for brewing with an Aeropress

Bliss' Brewing Guide to Aeropress (Read it here) 


Brand AeroPress

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How to Brew with AeroPress Go

Here’s our quick guide to brewing Bliss Coffee with the AeroPress Go:

  1. Prepare clean fresh water at a little above 90 degrees Celsius.
  2. Place one paper filter in the AeroPress filter cap. Rinse the filter with the hot water, then twist it onto your AeroPress.
  3. Grind up your beans to a medium fine-grind, similar to a metal filter coarseness and fill with the included scoop.
  4. Place the AeroPress over your mug or container and empty your ground coffee into it.
  5. Pour in your hot water. Up to the circular ‘2’ mark on the AeroPress will make an espresso shot, whereas up to the circular ‘4’ is closer to a long black.
  6. Use the included paddle to stir the coffee grounds slurry for about 15 seconds. Put the plunger in the AeroPress.
  7. Wait and steep for 30 seconds. Your Bliss coffee is brewing.
  8. Press down on the plunger, pushing coffee straight into your mug. Plunging should take about 10-20 seconds – listen for a hissing sound that tells you when all the liquid is pushed through.
  9. Add more water or milk (hot or cold) to taste, then enjoy!

No one recipe will make your perfect brew. Experiment and change things up for yourself. Try changing the grind, using more water, or less, steeping the coffee for longer or shorter. Find your own way to press your favourite cup of Bliss Coffee.