Brewing Guide - Cold Brew

Author: Bliss Coffee Roasters  

Like the French press method, cold brew uses an immersion technique. Coffee steeps in cold water for an extended period of time—so it’s best to plan ahead for when you might be in need. Make cold brew in bulk and store it in the fridge for up to two weeks, saving yourself time and rewarding you with a delicious, unique flavour.

The BOD uses a zero energy cold brew process that strips away oil and acids that can stain teeth or cause stomach upset. 
When it’s time to drink, use the brewed concentrate and add hot or cold water or milk to make the coffee you’re in need of.

We love to explore the tunique flavours of single origins in our The Bod cold brew system.

Time required: 12-72 hours - depending on desired strength.
Flavor: Light, often floral. 
What you’ll need: Cold Brew System (we love The BOD),
whole coffee beans (grind extra coarse),
and a grinder,
when you’re ready to drink, ice for cold drinks, hot water or milk for hot drinks.
Difficulty: Easy.


  1. Add 8oz / 225g of course grind coffee to the internal filter.
  2. Fill with brewing chamber with cold water
  3. Leave to brew at room tempreture for 12+ hours. For a more intense, stronger coffee brew longer.   
  4. Flip! The coffee concentrate will drain from the brewing chamber to the storeage chamber. 
  5. Unscrew the brewing chamber and replace with lid. 
  6. Store concentrate for up to two weeks in the fridge 

When you're ready to have a coffee:

  1. Take the stored concentrate out of the fridge and pour a shot
  2. Add the shot to your glass with hot water or hot milk for a hot coffee, or pour over ice and cold water for a refreshing iced coffee!

Tims Tip

Opt for beans with lighter roast profiles. The lighter roast profiles are more acidic, but this brewing process removes the acidity leaving you with  a fresh, clean cup with intricate fruity or floral flavour notes.