Brewing Guides - Cold Drip

Author: Bliss Coffee Roasters  

Often confused with cold brew, cold drip is quite different—in preparation, flavour, and strength. Whereas cold brew uses an immersion technique, cold drip uses a slow and timed, well, drip. While cold brew is sure to give you a big buzz, cold drip is even more concentrated and can be prepared in less time, so despite its complexity, you get more with less. Standard cold drip equipment can be pricey and fragile, but it is worth it if you love a cold glass of coffee on a warm summer morning. This is an especially great method if you’re an iced latte kind of person.

Time required: 1-12 hours, depending on your strength preference.
Flavour: Flavourful, more concentrated than cold brew.
What you’ll need: Cold drip machine, paper or metal filter, ice, whole coffee beans (grind extra coarse), and grinder.
Difficulty: Harder than it looks, intermediate. It’s all about patience with this one since you’ll need to continuously keep an eye on it.

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