Brewing Guide - Pour Over

Author: Bliss Coffee Roasters  

Fast, simple and flavourful!

Master the technicalities of pour-over—the grind of the beans, the timing and steady spiral of the pour—and you’ve got yourself a perfect cup.

We love our BODUM Pour Over because it has a fine mesh stainless steel filter. This eliminates the need for paper filters and eliminates waste. It also allows for the flavourful coffee oils to shine through in your coffee rather than being trapped by the paper filter.  

Time required: 3 minutes. 

Flavour: Bright, clean, highlights the nuances in different beans. 

What you’ll need:
Pour over coffee maker,
kettle (ideally a pour over kettle or gooseneck kettle), 
your favourite Bliss Coffee whole coffee beans (grind medium-finely), and

Difficulty: Easy

Method for 0.5L Pour Over with Permanent Filter 

  1. Grind your beans fresh to a medium grind suitable for filter and pour over coffee.
  2. Add the fresh coffee to the cone. For each cup (4oz) use 1 rounded tblsp or 1 BODUM scoop.
  3. Pour 93-degree water in a circular motion over the grounds until evenly saturated. The coffee will bloom. The coffee will swell, rise, and bubble. Allow 30 seconds for this process.
  4. Follow by pouring additional water to maximum capacity.
  5. Allow the water to pass through the coffee, dripping into the carafe.
  6. Remove the filter and insert the lid.
  7. Pour a delicious cup of coffee, drink black or add milk.


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