Brewing Guide - Frieling Gold Filter

Author: Bliss Coffee Roasters  

Around Bliss HQ we argue that it is technically a pour-over, because you pour water over grounds, or its technically a type of drip coffee, because, well, it slowly drips through, but really its like if either of those methods has a top hat, cane, and monocle.

In the end, we all agree, this brewing method is easy, fast, portable and produces a consistent, quality coffee that deserves a category of its own.

Master the technicalities of pour-over—the grind of the beans, the timing and steady spiral of the pour—and you’ve got yourself a perfect cup. 

Time required: 3 minutes. 
Flavour: Bright, clean, highlights the nuances in different beans. 
What you’ll need:
Frieling Gold Filter,
whole coffee beans (grind medium-finely), and
Difficulty: Easy


  1. Sit the filter on top of a cup or mug,
  2. Add medium ground coffee (add more for a strong coffee, less for a weaker coffee),
  3. Pour hot water into the regulator, cover with the lid and the brewing is finished once the regulator is empty.
  4. Reverse the lid and use it as a drip catcher underneath the filter when you remove it from your mug.
  5. Add a dash of milk if you desire and enjoy your freshly brewed filter coffee!
  6. Wash/rinse the filter and allow to dry on your dish rack.

Tims' Tip

After brewing, keep the coffee grinds aside to add to the garden or add to compost.
The coffee grinds are natural bug repellent and your plants will love the nutrients! 

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