Tim's Tips to Improve Your Home Coffee Experience

Author: Tim Walker  Date Posted:21 August 2020 

Hey guys,
I'm Tim, one of the roasters at Bliss working alongside head roaster, Paul Lawrence. People are always asking us for advice on how to improve their coffee at home, and we're always happy to help, but here are some of, what I think, are the most important tips for upping you home coffee game. 

Buy yourself a grinder. Grinding fresh for every cup is best. Flavour oils stay locked safely inside beans until they are ground.  Once ground, those flavour oils are exposed to air and immediately deteriorate if not used right away.

Buy fresh. Coffee is at its optimum one to six weeks after roasting. Most coffee available in supermarkets is months, even years after roasting and is stale. Buying in smaller quantities, more often is better than buying in bulk to last you 6 months.

Store your coffee properly. Make sure your coffee is stored in a sealed airtight container away from sunlight. Preferably in a cool cupboard, but not the fridge.

Adjust your grinder. Experiment with different grind settings to improve your coffee results.

Use filtered water. Water is a very important ingredient in coffee.  Better water equals better coffee.  (Same goes for milk.  Use high quality milk for best results)

Invest in café standard glasses and crockery. This will give you the correct ratios of coffee to milk for your favourite coffee style.

Invest in a set of scales. For optimum results, be more precise on your measurements of coffee and water.

Invest in a temperature-controlled kettle. Best extraction temperature for coffee is 96 degrees.

Talk to your local Bliss Barista to learn even more. We’re obsessed by coffee and love to share their tips and tricks to getting the most from your coffee at home.

For more Brewing Guides https://www.blisscoffeeroasters.com.au/brewing-guides


Happy Brewing!



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